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Air transportation provides critical capabilities for a modern economy. Whether it involves passengers or cargo, the ability to quickly and reliably move valuable resources over great distances improves the quality of life and standard of living of people across the globe.
52 million tons of cargo shipped globally by air every year and nearly 1 million domestically in India. While in terms of volume just 1.5% of total freight movement internationally goes by air, in terms of value nearly 35% of total freight were moved by air. Air logistics involves movement of sensitive cargo, which requires great care and proper handling. Air logistics training provides not only good opportunity for employment but has tremendous scope for professional growth for people with right competency and training. The DGM Academy brings the vast spectrum of logistics courses which help built the right competency and skills needed to step into this exciting world air logistics. The Academy offers training solutions for every aspects of Air cargo industry, strategy, business planning and development, management and optimization, business intelligence, operations and handling.
The following courses are custom built to be delivered to clients as per their needs.

Cargo Introductory Course

Prepare yourself to work in the air cargo industry with this comprehensive course. You will learn about basic IATA cargo rules and procedures, how freight forwarders and airline cargo units operate, plus much more. The course is covered over 5 days x 7 hours.

Cargo Supply Chain and Transport Modes

This course again of 5 days x 7 hours will help build necessary knowledge regarding supply chain management, logistics and different modes of transport. You will learn the key principles and concepts in freight transport management, multimodal transport operations, the unitization and containerisation of cargo, and the transportation of dangerous goods by air, land and sea. Key topics that will be covered will be Introduction to supply chain management, Freight forwarding services, Transport management, Multimodal transport, Unitization of cargo and transportation of dangerous goods.

Time & Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products

Pharmaceutical and perishable material require temperature control. Today they constitute more than 40% of the total air cargo traffic. This course will teach you how to transport time and temperature sensitive healthcare and pharmaceutical products safely according to IATA Temperature Control Regulations. Learn about product temperature ranges, packaging technology, key risk factors and critical control points.

Air Cargo handling and airport cargo operation

Air cargo business is a very important business for the global air transport market. This means that air cargo handling process is important for any airport or cargo handling agent who provides cargo handling services. This also means competent cargo staff, procedures, cargo information system, developed infrastructure and process management.
Efficient cargo handling means safer and easier cargo operation and monitoring. Technology with advanced software tools are used for the same along with sophisticated equipment.
Inefficient cargo handling can mean underutilization of cargo space in the aircraft to payin g claim for damaged or missing cargo.

In today’s world, air cargo handling has become complicated due to nature of cargo being shipped by air from general cargo to perishable, to valuables, to temperature sensitive cargo such as pharma, to vaccines to live animals to dangerous goods.

A well trained cargo handler can make a difference between profitability and loss.
If certificates are to be issued to candidate, the course will involve MCQ and practical exam at the end. Candidate successfully passing the exam will be issued a certificate of competency.

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