DGM India Training LMS

DGM India Academy invests in the learning management system. Our LMS is powered by Maventra, a AI-based Talent & Learning Management Platform which will enable us to manage, plan, organise and schedule the best possible training solutions for our customer and enable us to manage the post training performance of the trained individual.
It will enable us launch multiple options of blended learning- instructor led online course as well as e-learning module to supplement both the instructor led online courses as well as physical classroom. This will lead to better learning environment for all our courses. Gamification, quizzes by way of MCQs will enhance the learning experience of our participants. What’s more we go digital in record keeping and tracking the performance why automating the process of reminding the participants the need for recurrent training. And More importantly we will be ready when the ICAO’s new competency based training will be implemented effective January 2023. The platform will enable us to stay in touch with our participants in real time and over longer duration.
With this platform it not just Dangerous goods courses, but we will offer many more courses to meet the skill and competency requirement of not just our logistics partners but also other customers as well. Maventra Learning solution is an Indian entity promoted and managed by Ms. Bhuvana Ramamoorthy